Monday, September 26, 2016

FedEx & UPS Portray U.S. Economic Indicators

One of the easiest ways to analyze the U.S. economy and its activity levels is to look at two of the largest express-delivery companies in the world: FedEx and UPS. Due to the rapid growth of online shopping and to the recovering U.S. economy, both companies have seen rising revenues and margins.

Providing air-express services, carrying packages and freight in over 200 countries is FedEx who reported on Tuesday strong results from 2016’s first-quarter fiscal year. Earnings increased to $2.65 per share, summing up to a grand total of $715 million, up from 2015’s first quarter of $692 million ($2.42 per share). FedEx’s stock price, as of Thursday, was $173 finally up from its 1-year low of $119.

UPS, who holds the title “the largest express-delivery company in the world”, brought $58.3 billion in net income in 2015 (annual total) and is expected to increase 4.4% throughout the end of 2016 and another 4.5% in 2017! Jim Corridore, equity analyst at S&P Global, rated UPS’ stock at $130 per share, although, as of Tuesday, their Class B stock was priced at $109 per share, still up from its 1-year low of $87.

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