Friday, August 26, 2016

Economy Rises as Comcast Expands into Southern Arizona

It’s been over a year since Comcast moved into the old Grand Cinemas building near the Tucson Mall, but Tucson has only begun to feel the economic impact. With so much time spent examining several factors in choosing the right location for the Comcast Center of Excellence, Comcast believes it has made the perfect choice in making Tucson its new home. One major consideration that drove the decision-making was the proximity to Air Force Base Davis-Monthan; the company has plans to hire 10,000 military personnel or military family members by the 2107 end. With that, of the 1,125 employees needed to run the new communications center, 15 percent are ensured to be either veterans or family members of veterans.

Now with over 1,200 Tucson employees, Comcast plans to up their game: “when our customers reach this call center, they will be connected with agents who are best equipped to provide an outstanding experience for our customers,” said Comcast senior director and customer account executive Michael Eastman. To do this, Comcast must bring overseas jobs back to the states, resulting in 450 jobs in Albuquerque, 750 in Spokane, 550 in Charleston and 600 in Fort Collins!

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